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Friday, November 07, 2003
At home at last...Im drenching wet.Damn!!!Feeling so cold sak.Anyway,i think i did ok for my test paper jus now.Hope gona pass that stupid paper.Im alone at home again, having this place to myself.Mayb i shuld hev a party once in a while..Sex Orgy...hahaha..Kidding aite!Gona study later.Book-Keeping again..I hate Book-Keeping to the core!Cartoon also boring..Everything boring..Boring Boring Boring!!!Haizzzz...Im waiting for my baby's call.Im sure he's gona call me sooner or later.I think he's bz rite now.

Hay!Its been a long time i havent wrote any article for Revolution Sk8 Mag..I think i should start thinking of 1 and send them rite away..But what should i write about?Interview sk8 guys/gals?Haiya...Everytime interview Sk8 peeps.So boring...Mayb i should ask Ian whether i could write for the music column.Maybe interview some local bands and stuff...And believe me,i still owe them the Asian X Games article that was held in Lion City few months back.Got the VIP pass,took some pics,interview some participants and blah,blah,blah but i havent sort out the article yet!!!Hehehehehe...No time lah dats why..Anyway,jus finished updating my online album.I've put up the new pics anyway..But still, there are more pics i havent scan yet..

Sumpah banyak k benda nak buat.Not forgetting,my room.Its such in a sorry state.It is so damn messy and i cant imagine a girl with that type of room.Urrrggghhh!!!!im too lazy to clean up my goddamn room lah...But im sick and tired of my mum nagging and yelling telling me to clean up my room.Nevermind.Somehow and someday, im gonna clean it up for good..Hari Raya cuming soon anyway.Im so hungry but too bad its the fasting month..But good for me too...Can go on a diet.Hehehehe.

Anyway,Hazewan(Actually it was supposed to be HEZWAN) added me to the link and Nazmi too.Long time never meet them to chill.The last time i saw Nazmi and Hazewan was at the gig at Far East Square but i forget when was that.Oklah.Gotta go now.I wanna study now...Bubbye...


(i can be crazy sumtimes...hahahaha...)

Im in the OFC class rite now.Having my test later and the sickening irritating bitch(my teacher) is nagging.She's worse than my mum.God knows how painful my ears are listening to her craps.So my baby got out from the RT squad cos he passed his pull up.He did 7 pull ups and im so surprised he cud do dat much cos all these while he couldnt even do 1.Mayb bcos he lost his weight and the training is quite tough as well.so he's now a more mascular guy with braoder shoulders,2 abs and blah,blah,blah.I wonder how im gona do for my test paper.Alah...can do one lah...For sure...its raining...damn heavy.How the hell am i gona get home????
Thursday, November 06, 2003
So im back at home now....alone again...So boring...Everyday im alone at home...all i do is watch tv, eat, drink, sleep, study, hogged on the phone & blah, blah, blah...Lif is so boring..Both my parents are at the shop.I wanted to go to the shop actually.But kinda tired and layzee.So i decided to juss chill at home and study for my eaxams dats cuming up really soon.Im really,really bored at home..i have no idea wat to do..Can anyone jus gimme a god damn muthafarking idea dat can mek me dish out the boringness rite now???Argggghhhhhh!!!!!!!!

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